G’day and Welcome, My name is Lee Smith and I am a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist working mainly in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Please feel free to have a look through my portfolio and contact me for any further information or samples.LeeSmith

I’ll try and tell you a little about myself without taking up too much of your valuable time! I have always had an interest in drawing and as a result decided that an artistic career was for me. I graduated from the University of South Australia studying Visual Communication. After a brief stint working in graphic and web design I made the move into the entertainment art industry and worked as a professional Concept Artist, Creative Director, Art Director and Illustrator/Designer for a range of clients and companies.

I currently live in Alice Springs, Australia (the little town right in the center of this great big country) with my wonderful wife and 2 young daughters. A few years ago I made a big career change and am now working as an Air Traffic Controller, I still enjoy working as an Illustrator and Concept Artist in my free time and am always interested in hearing about freelance work or private commissions. Please feel free to browse my portfolio or visit my blog, and if you think my style or ability may suit your project please contact me and I would love to discuss it with you.